Breakfast Catering Menu


Let us be your Hero!


Breakfast Hero Combinations

 $17.50 PER FT


3 ft serves 10-12 people 

4 ft serves 14-16 people 

5 ft serves 18-20 people

6 ft serves 20-25 people

Boarshead Applewood Smoked Ham, Egg & Cheese

Boarshehad branded Deluxe Ham, Egg & Cheese

Savory Boarshead Sausage Patty, Egg & Cheese

Bacon, Egg & Cheese with our staff to combine our fesh ingredients

 to create your own premium party hero

**Ask for Whole wheat bread

**We can supply bread in many shapes & sizes 

including numbers and/or letters for your special occasion.

Breakfast Catering


   $5.00 p/p (min. 15 guests) Includes:

Fresh Bagels • Cream Cheese

Danish • Muffins

  Add Coffee/tea and Juice setup-          $1.50 p/p

  Add Scrambled eggs &  French toast - $1.50 p/p

  Add Sausage & Bacon -                     $1.50 p/p

  Add Home Fries -                              $1.50 p/p

BAGEL FLAVORS - see breakfast menu

include choice of our homemade

hot water boiled bagels:



include our fresh whipped homemade cream cheese:

Plain                      Sundried Tomato

Butter                    Jalapeno 

Vegetable              Bacon Horseradish

Scallion                 Pimento Olive

Walnut Raisin

Lox Spread

Lite Plain

Lite Veggie

Sliced Lox